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  2016 수능특강(영어독해연습) 본문.HWP(무료)
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판매가격: 무료 (236page)
저작시기: 2016/02
추천독자: 전체
등록인: jugis [더보기]
카테고리: 수능 > 영어
파일제목: [2016]_영독_본문(쥬기스).hwp
문서뷰어: 뷰어다운로드
조회/구매: 8174 / 61 , 자료등록번호 : 194
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2016 수능특강 영어독해연습 본문


Week1 상호작용
Week3 읽기 기본 능력
Week4 쓰기 기본 능력

Week7 Mini Test1
Week8 Mini Test3
Week9 Mini Test3


1. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은?
Protected area policy and practice have changed dramatically over the past century, in response to shifting societal values, conservation politics, and scientific understanding, and ever-increasing human environmental impacts. Public enjoyment and scenic beauty were once the highest priority in U.S. national parks. At the start of the twentieth century, only the "desirable" native species were protected, while others were exterminated; "undesirable" ecosystem elements, such as fire, were controlled wherever possible. But by the latter half of the twentieth century, parks and wilderness began to embrace all native species and ecosystem processes, and protected areas became increasingly viewed as critical cornerstones of biodiversity conservation. At the same time, conservation advocates argued that active management should be kept to a minimum, to allow nature to take its course free from ______________. jugis

① climate change
② invasive species
③ human intervention
④ technical limitations
⑤ the danger of extinction

2. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은?
Margaret E. Kemeny, professor of psychiatry at the University of San Francisco, has for decades done extensive research exploring the connection between our emotional life and our immune system. She found that "negative" and "positive" feelings influence the immune system in exactly the same way, as long as these feelings are permitted and expressed spontaneously. Her research showed that each feeling, when spontaneously generated and allowed, increased the activity of the immune system in general and of the T cells in particular. The body showed heightened resistance for the duration of the experienced feeling ― this was observed with joy, fear, anger, and sadness! The idea that __________________ clearly does not hold up. On the contrary! The immune system apparently reacts in the same way to spontaneously created and expressed sadness as it does to joy, to anger, and to fear. jugis

① feelings should not be suppressed
② negative feelings are hard to define
③ negative feelings are harmful to us
④ negative feelings come to us naturally
⑤ there remains much to be done in psychology


2016 수능특강 영어독해연습


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